Version 1
    10/8/2013 10:3067.79.13.15sandipLet's do this, who's ready for some Config MGMT!?!?!
    10/8/2013 10:3065.192.236.140JFrazierI do miss the shuttles...  although I did participate in the recovery effort for the Columbia.
    10/8/2013 10:3167.79.13.41francoisWho has FSM or looking at it in the audience?
    10/8/2013 10:3167.79.13.41francoisHow are you managing your ACLs' in your routers and FW's?
    10/8/2013 10:32118.209.52.240Stevendoes it make sure the NSA can access your network?
    10/8/2013 10:32192.30.215.5ScottSadlochaDon't have it here
    10/8/2013 10:32192.30.215.5ScottSadlochaBut I want to learn more about to see if I can pitch it
    10/8/2013 10:32152.130.15.128Kurtnot here either. I was going to test drive it though.
    10/8/2013 10:3262.209.223.226michal.hrncirikStevenno NSA using Orion for their purposes
    10/8/2013 10:33205.225.241.126ErikDis FSM more context friendly? when I demoed.... context firewalls were not functional...
    10/8/2013 10:33192.30.215.5ScottSadlochaQuick question on FSM--does it support Palo Alto devices?
    10/8/2013 10:3367.79.13.15Jbeucler@ErikD, FSM still functions the same way
    10/8/2013 10:34118.209.52.240StevenfrancoisI've attempted to trial with one of our firewall guys for Checkpoint (I'm not a Checkpoint engineer so I'm not 100% on the technical details/issue) but he couldn't load all of the profiles(?) for the firewall.  If we went to load a second or third one, it would override the first one for the CP
    10/8/2013 10:3467.79.13.41francoisScottSadlochanot yet, but we have that on the list. Are you ONLY PA?
    10/8/2013 10:34208.125.147.85kbottwe arePA as well
    10/8/2013 10:34192.30.215.5ScottSadlochaWe have both PAs and Cisco ASAs
    10/8/2013 10:35132.3.29.80ChrisIs McAfee Sidewinder on the list or firewalls that are to be supported?
    10/8/2013 10:35140.142.107.178RichardLettsFortinet/Fortigate
    10/8/2013 10:3624.52.24.50MattNAdilIs watchguard supported?
    10/8/2013 10:36162.1.2.2wbrownIs NCM integration required in order to modify configs?
    10/8/2013 10:3667.79.13.41francoisErikDIn ASA multi-context firewalls, there is one admin context and multiple user contexts. The admin context only specifies the interface assignments to each user context, no firewall rule/object definition. The user context contains the firewall rules/object definition and works as a separate firewall. FSM only analyzes the user context.\n\n \n\nThe admin context also has one special interface for firewall management purpose. The FSM connector can access each user context directly or access the user context through the admin context, i.e. connecting to the admin context via the management interface, then switch from the admin context to the user context.\n\nBasically, the FSM connector uses the admin context as a jumper.\n\n \n\nFSM treats each user context as a separate firewall. Each user context consumes one license seat.\n\n \n\nFSM does NOT analyze the admin context. The admin context config does NOT consume any license seat.
    10/8/2013 10:3624.52.24.50MattNIs Watchguard supported
    10/8/2013 10:3767.79.13.15JbeuclerIf anyone is interested in the FSM Beta please let me know!
    10/8/2013 10:3767.79.13.15Jbeuclerwe are looking at feedback on our user experience of our integration into Orion
    10/8/2013 10:37208.58.19.2jspanitzDoes it Analyze Juniper SRX AppSecure data?
    10/8/2013 10:37205.225.241.126ErikDam a user context in a multi tenant, and the version I tried to use.... failed to understand my asa user contexts
    10/8/2013 10:3867.79.13.41francoiswbrownyes if you want to do it directly. If no NCM, the product generates a script that oyu cabn execute at the FW's console, requires manual action.
    10/8/2013 10:3867.79.13.41francoisErikDare you a customer or were you using an eval version?
    10/8/2013 10:38118.209.52.240StevenIs the a black list for UDT? Or would we have to add every device to the whitelist and alert on non-whitelist devices?
    10/8/2013 10:39118.209.52.240StevenIs there a*
    10/8/2013 10:3962.209.223.226Jiri.CvachovecThere's currently no black list.
    10/8/2013 10:39204.115.222.1MattMatheusI've used the watch list as a sort of blacklist
    10/8/2013 10:40140.142.107.178RichardLettsthe Watchlist is like a blacklist
    10/8/2013 10:4067.79.13.15Jbeucler@spanitz, will follow up with SRX question momentarily
    10/8/2013 10:4062.209.223.226Jiri.Cvachovecbut we do have a feature request (voting idea) on thwack
    10/8/2013 10:4162.209.223.226Jiri.Cvachovec
    10/8/2013 10:41140.142.107.178RichardLettsif access control to your network is a requirement then implementing 802.1x is probably the right way instead of finding them after the event.
    10/8/2013 10:4162.209.223.226Jiri.Cvachovec
    10/8/2013 10:42118.209.52.240StevenJiri.CvachovecThanks Jiri
    10/8/2013 10:42205.225.241.126ErikDfrancoisNPM/NCM/NTA/SAM/IPAM customer, eval'd FM
    10/8/2013 10:4362.209.223.226Jiri.CvachovecWhat are your other wishes for UDT?
    10/8/2013 10:43208.58.19.2jspanitzSo one of the things we want to do with UDT is report on unused ports over a period of time, say 3 months. We need to make sure a port has not been used during that time.  Can it be done?
    10/8/2013 10:43152.130.15.128KurtI would like to know when UDT will have the abiltiy to recognize error disabled ports.
    10/8/2013 10:4367.79.13.41francoisErikDok, if you want to spend some time on making teh multi context stuff on FSM, we might be able to find time to help you. is this a blocking issue / must-have for you?
    10/8/2013 10:43204.115.222.1MattMatheusNPM can recognize errdisabled ports through syslog
    10/8/2013 10:4363.226.32.16ecklerwr1Jiri got tux and J beucler got some other avatar (neo maybe?) (A cop?)
    10/8/2013 10:43132.3.29.80ChrisScottSadlochaMcAfee SideWinder support?  Or at least in the near future?
    10/8/2013 10:44140.142.107.178RichardLettssupport for NETCONF:
    10/8/2013 10:4463.226.32.16ecklerwr1We've got SideWinders as well for L7 f/w.
    10/8/2013 10:44205.225.241.126ErikDfrancois30% of my firewalls are Contexts, so yes. maybe it was fixed since y demo....
    10/8/2013 10:4467.79.13.41francoisChrisif you are asking about FSM the anbswer is not today, on the list, but not very high unfortunately. E.g. Palo Alto is above
    10/8/2013 10:44192.30.215.5ScottSadlochaWe don't have Sidewinders here
    10/8/2013 10:4463.226.32.16ecklerwr1I sure hope so... most newer ASA have multiple contexts
    10/8/2013 10:4462.209.223.226Jiri.CvachovecNETCONF for FSM or also UDT?
    10/8/2013 10:4567.79.13.41francoisErikDI'll ping you off line
    10/8/2013 10:45152.130.15.128Kurtthe err-disabled port idea has been in for a while and has top votes.
    10/8/2013 10:4562.209.223.226Jiri.CvachovecMakes sense for NCM, too
    10/8/2013 10:45140.142.107.178RichardLettsUDT -- way to disable ports on Juniper switches.
    10/8/2013 10:45140.142.107.178RichardLetts@jiri: yes
    10/8/2013 10:4562.209.223.226Jiri.CvachovecjspanitzI'll send you some info offline.
    10/8/2013 10:46208.58.19.2jspanitzJiri.CvachovecExcellent!.  Thanks
    10/8/2013 10:4674.43.179.4jakeDoesnt cisco have a similar shutdown feature built in?
    10/8/2013 10:4667.79.13.41francoisErikDBTW, was that ASA related?
    10/8/2013 10:46208.58.19.2jspanitzJiri.CvachovecNETCONF - YEs Please
    10/8/2013 10:4767.79.13.41francoisWho's big on NETCONF?
    10/8/2013 10:4767.79.13.15Jbeucler@Spanitz, we do not currently support AppSecure in Juniper SRX. I will log a Feature Request
    10/8/2013 10:4762.209.223.226Jiri.Cvachovec@RichardLetts: Have you created an idea for UDT/NETCONF on thwack?
    10/8/2013 10:48208.58.19.2jspanitzJbeuclerThanks again.  Will it be on thwack so others can vote?
    10/8/2013 10:48192.30.215.5ScottSadlochaLiking these NCM enhancements
    10/8/2013 10:48205.225.241.126ErikDfrancoisyes ASA
    10/8/2013 10:4862.209.223.226Jiri.Cvachovec@Kurt: Yes, it's one of the priorities for future releases of UDT.
    10/8/2013 10:4867.79.13.15Jbeucler@Spantiz Yep, will add that now
    10/8/2013 10:4967.79.13.41francoisScottSadlochagood to hear
    10/8/2013 10:4962.209.223.226Jiri.Cvachovec@ScottSadlocha: Which enhancements do you like most?
    10/8/2013 10:49152.130.15.128KurtThank you Jiri
    10/8/2013 10:49192.30.215.5ScottSadlochaThe entire first point, "Continue moving functionality.." and Definte Multiple connection profiles
    10/8/2013 10:5062.209.223.226Jiri.CvachovecGood, thanks.
    10/8/2013 10:5062.209.223.226Jiri.CvachovecHow do you find the EoL stuff?
    10/8/2013 10:50208.58.19.2jspanitzMultiple connection profiles is great
    10/8/2013 10:5062.209.223.226Jiri.Cvachovecthanks :-)
    10/8/2013 10:50192.30.215.5ScottSadlochaI like the sound of that a lot
    10/8/2013 10:50216.168.115.179PaulCan EOL be used to track service contracts for devices?
    10/8/2013 10:5062.209.223.226Jiri.Cvachovec@Paul: Via custom properties, yes.
    10/8/2013 10:50140.142.107.178RichardLetts exists for NCM
    10/8/2013 10:51208.58.19.2jspanitzDo you guys support Aruba Instant? The newer code (last 6 months) supports a full CLI now.
    10/8/2013 10:51216.168.115.179PaulThanks Jiri
    10/8/2013 10:51192.30.215.5ScottSadlochaYay! PA support.
    10/8/2013 10:5167.79.13.41francoisScottSadlochawas that abotu FSM?
    10/8/2013 10:51208.58.19.2jspanitzConcept of EoL is great, but quite a few of my cisco devices show incorrect info.  I submitted it to the thwack post.
    10/8/2013 10:5162.209.223.226Jiri.Cvachovec@jspanitz: Aruba instant not OOTB. Not sure how difficult is to create a device template
    10/8/2013 10:52192.30.215.5ScottSadlochaNo, NCM
    10/8/2013 10:5267.79.13.41francoisScottSadlochagotcha
    10/8/2013 10:5262.209.223.226Jiri.Cvachovec@jspanitz: Yes, the "Catalyst" problem, right?
    10/8/2013 10:52192.30.215.5ScottSadlochaDidn't have to deal with PAs at my previous place when I rolled out NCM, but we have them here at my new employer
    10/8/2013 10:52131.215.240.211Angel13[Emotion=emteeth.gif]
    10/8/2013 10:5267.79.13.41francoisjspanitzyes, we are working on this, thanks for submitting, we'll incorporate your input
    10/8/2013 10:5362.209.223.226Jiri.CvachovecExactly
    10/8/2013 10:53208.58.19.2jspanitzJiri.CvachovecCorrect
    10/8/2013 10:5362.209.223.226Jiri.CvachovecWill fix that.
    10/8/2013 10:53208.58.19.2jspanitzScottSadlochaScott, what did you use before - just curious
    10/8/2013 10:54192.30.215.5ScottSadlochaAt my previous place, we were a strictly Cisco shop
    10/8/2013 10:54195.54.227.88AshleyCBRB
    10/8/2013 10:5562.209.223.226Jiri.CvachovecIf you don't know, we have a dedicated page for feedback on EoL/EoS feature:
    10/8/2013 10:55216.168.115.179Pauljiri - can you send link to that page on EoL/EoS ?
    10/8/2013 10:56118.209.52.240StevenfrancoisA bit late, but are there any guides (or is it possible) for FSM to handle multiple policies for Checkpoint configs?
    10/8/2013 10:5662.209.223.226Jiri.Cvachovec
    10/8/2013 10:56216.168.115.179PaulThanks Jiri!
    10/8/2013 10:5662.209.223.226Jiri.CvachovecYou're welcome!
    10/8/2013 10:5663.226.32.16ecklerwr1What's the "catalyst" problem? Devices that run CatOS?
    10/8/2013 10:5667.79.13.41francoisStevennot sure, we'll come back to you.
    10/8/2013 10:5763.226.32.16ecklerwr1They should all be EOL I would think.
    10/8/2013 10:5762.209.223.226Jiri.CvachovecNon-Catalyst Cisco devices get suggestions with Catalyst EoL/EoS items.
    10/8/2013 10:574.21.41.160StevenMHow long will the recorded livestream videos be available?  I'm having a hard time listening in at work.
    10/8/2013 10:5863.226.32.16ecklerwr1I get it Jiri.
    10/8/2013 10:5862.209.223.226Jiri.CvachovecAs I said, we are working on fixing it.
    10/8/2013 10:5867.79.13.15sandipStevenMthe recording will be available immediately following the presentation in the video player below
    10/8/2013 10:5967.79.13.15sandipStevenMAnd will live on forever :-)
    10/8/2013 10:594.21.41.160StevenMThank you, Sandi!
    10/8/2013 11:0067.79.13.15JbeuclerStevenSent you an email following up with NTA RC. Thanks
    10/8/2013 11:00216.168.115.179PaulWe have IPAM today but are dropping it (sorry) ... it's really slow and no support for common tasks found in service provider networks ... for enterprise and small environments it's probably a good tool
    10/8/2013 11:0162.209.223.226michal.hrncirikPaulhi Paul, not happy to hear that but understand MSP/SP needs.
    10/8/2013 11:0267.79.13.41francoisStevenWhen importing from file system, the customer should be able to choose different policy package for a given firewall. But you can only import one policy package at a time\n
    10/8/2013 11:0262.209.223.226Jiri.Cvachovec@jspanitz:
    10/8/2013 11:0262.209.223.226michal.hrncirikPaulit's more designed for internal company use rather than for subnet provisioning in its current version
    10/8/2013 11:0262.209.223.226Jiri.CvachovecUDT ports not used over last XY days.
    10/8/2013 11:0262.209.223.226michal.hrncirikPaulhave you found a better replacement ?
    10/8/2013 11:03216.168.115.179Paul@Michal - yes, and we really should have asked more questions before buying it ... yes, we are moving to 6Connect solution (purpose built specifically for SP environment).  ARIN integration was a huge feature for us in our particular case as well when loo
    10/8/2013 11:0366.112.206.6Chipmay have missed this but is there going to be more functionality around assigning options when setting up or modifying scopes?
    10/8/2013 11:0462.209.223.226michal.hrncirikPaulthanks for sharing details Paul
    10/8/2013 11:0462.209.223.226michal.hrncirikChipwhich ones would you like to see there?
    10/8/2013 11:0566.112.206.6Chiphave to find the notes I put together, can I pm you later?
    10/8/2013 11:0562.209.223.226michal.hrncirikChipabsolutely - ping me on
    10/8/2013 11:0666.112.206.6Chipmichal.hrncirikthanks
    10/8/2013 11:0662.209.223.226michal.hrncirikChipwe are working on enabling all standard DHCP scope options for MS, Cisco and ISC.
    10/8/2013 11:0662.209.223.226michal.hrncirikChip(may see something in current beta build)
    10/8/2013 11:06118.209.52.240StevenfrancoisI see. I think that was the primary issue for the firewall engineer. He didn't want to have to go and manually reload the separate policies (4+). If we imported a policy it overwrote the first (so couldn't add separate ones into the contents/list)
    10/8/2013 11:06208.58.19.2jspanitzLooking for Juniper DHCP support on SRX firewalls.
    10/8/2013 11:0666.112.206.6Chipmichal.hrncirikthat probably covers it.
    10/8/2013 11:0666.112.206.6Chipmichal.hrncirikbut I'll double check
    10/8/2013 11:0762.209.223.226michal.hrncirikChipI would wait for beta 2 that should bring management of these options, beta 1 can just view existing assignemnts
    10/8/2013 11:0762.209.223.226michal.hrncirikjspanitzon our list John, but right now dealing with ISC DHCP and better search as #1 priority
    10/8/2013 11:07208.58.19.2jspanitzJiri.CvachovecJiri, excellent.  Got the email too.  Is this based on polling the switch or traps sent by the switch to UDT? Polling may not be 100% accurate IMO.
    10/8/2013 11:07208.58.19.2jspanitzmichal.hrncirikBooo
    10/8/2013 11:0862.209.223.226michal.hrncirikjspanitzI can hear that loudly and clearly
    10/8/2013 11:0862.209.223.226Jiri.CvachovecjspanitzI can find out more details with engineering -- don't know off the top of my head.
    10/8/2013 11:08208.58.19.2jspanitzmichal.hrncirikBut we understand!
    10/8/2013 11:0962.209.223.226michal.hrncirikjspanitzis there something missing on the IPAM UI or is there something annoying you would like to improve? (except search)
    10/8/2013 11:11208.58.19.2jspanitzAcutally not!  We only use for monitoring though, not configuring.
    10/8/2013 11:1167.79.13.41francoisHow interested are you all in having IPAM storing details about IP Phones. Typical use case could be to built-in the IPAM UI, what is needed to store IP Phone details such as: IP address, Phone extension, User name. IE do with IP Phone spreadsheet what IPAM does with your IP Address and subnet spreadsheet...
    10/8/2013 11:13208.58.19.2jspanitzooooh.  sounds interesting.  would it do the same for lync or just actual ip phones?
    10/8/2013 11:1362.209.223.226michal.hrncirikjspanitzbasically any VoIP phone
    10/8/2013 11:13192.30.215.5ScottSadlochaThat sounds very interesting, if it were as jspanitz mentioned
    10/8/2013 11:14152.130.15.128KurtI would love to be able to see more details about IP PHones.
    10/8/2013 11:14192.30.215.5ScottSadlochaI agree
    10/8/2013 11:1462.209.223.226michal.hrncirikjspanitzdo you guys use VNQM and IPAM together or just IPAM?
    10/8/2013 11:14208.58.19.2jspanitzJust IPAM
    10/8/2013 11:1462.209.223.226Jiri.CvachovecAnd for UDT: PC's connected through IP phones -- how about that?
    10/8/2013 11:14152.130.15.128KurtI use VNQM and IPAM together, with UDT
    10/8/2013 11:1567.79.13.41francoisconfig data? IOW, what product would be the most natural to put this IP Phone info: IPAM or VNQM?
    10/8/2013 11:1562.209.223.226Jiri.CvachovecI mean UDT being able to monitor a PC behing VoIP phone...
    10/8/2013 11:15173.13.67.184Stevethank you
    10/8/2013 11:15118.209.52.240Stevenfrancoiswould it link into VNQM for this or ?
    10/8/2013 11:16152.130.15.128KurtVNQM, but have the abilty to pull it up in IPAM also. Similar to someones script to see switch connection information from UDT on the IPAM interface.
    10/8/2013 11:1667.79.13.15sandipPlease feel free to conitnue to chat with us after the session ends
    10/8/2013 11:1667.79.13.15sandipOur SolarWinds experts will stay online until 11:45a CT
    10/8/2013 11:1667.79.13.15JbeuclerYep, here to chat! any one interested in the FSM Beta?
    10/8/2013 11:16140.142.107.178RichardLettsThe UI doesn't work in IPAM3.0; will see what it looks like in the next version. it'svery slow with the number of IPS we have.
    10/8/2013 11:1667.79.13.15Jbeuclernew shiney Orion Module!
    10/8/2013 11:1667.79.13.41francoisyeah, could be in IPAM but be easy to link (single click0 to VNQM, or even show up in some VNQM views
    10/8/2013 11:1763.226.32.16ecklerwr1FSM inside Orion sounds good.
    10/8/2013 11:18192.30.215.5ScottSadlochaJust IPAM here
    10/8/2013 11:18140.142.107.178RichardLettsLLDP on the switch can help with IP-phone information.
    10/8/2013 11:1874.43.179.4jakecan we make a report on IP Conflicts?
    10/8/2013 11:19192.30.215.5ScottSadlochaOur UDT license was not renewed this year
    10/8/2013 11:1962.209.223.226michal.hrncirikScottSadlochawhat kind of info would you like to see in IPAM for VoIP phones?
    10/8/2013 11:1962.209.223.226Jiri.Cvachovec@Scott: Why?
    10/8/2013 11:1962.209.223.226michal.hrncirikjakeyes you can, but it needs to take data via custom SWQL query
    10/8/2013 11:20192.30.215.5ScottSadlochaSome of the information mentioned. Right now, I am not very familiar with the VoIP setup, but it seems like it is not documented fully
    10/8/2013 11:2074.43.179.4jakeha, I need to get my MCSE in SQL
    10/8/2013 11:2067.79.13.41francoisRichardLettsthanks
    10/8/2013 11:20192.30.215.5ScottSadlochaNot sure Jiri. The call was made shortly after I came onboard and was just getting up to speed on the environment. Not much done here with device tracking I suppose.
    10/8/2013 11:21140.142.107.178RichardLettsLLDP system name
    10/8/2013 11:21192.30.215.5ScottSadlochaI think the idea was that there aren't really devices on the network outside of company owned systems
    10/8/2013 11:2262.209.223.226Jiri.Cvachovec@Scott: Interesting -- user device tracking is not important to your company?
    10/8/2013 11:2262.209.223.226Jiri.CvachovecI see
    10/8/2013 11:22192.30.215.5ScottSadlochaIt seems that way
    10/8/2013 11:2262.209.223.226Jiri.CvachovecBut how do you know without a white list? ;-)
    10/8/2013 11:22192.30.215.5ScottSadlochaBut what you mentioned about UDT being able to track a system connected to a VoIP phone interested me
    10/8/2013 11:23192.30.215.5ScottSadlochaAll of our systems here are connected to the phones
    10/8/2013 11:23140.142.107.178RichardLettsMedia Endpoint Class
    10/8/2013 11:2362.209.223.226Jiri.CvachovecThat's a feature request -- I'd like to gather customer's opinion.
    10/8/2013 11:23192.30.215.5ScottSadlochaInteresting
    10/8/2013 11:24192.30.215.5ScottSadlochaI know very little about UDT, so I would have to read some documentation on it a bit before I can really determine how it would benefit this company.
    10/8/2013 11:2462.209.223.226Jiri.Cvachovecor take a look at our online demo
    10/8/2013 11:24192.30.215.5ScottSadlochaRight
    10/8/2013 11:2562.209.223.226Jiri.Cvachovec
    10/8/2013 11:25216.168.115.179PaulAny chance an app will come out for Thwack vs just web access?
    10/8/2013 11:25118.209.52.240StevenScottSadlochaSome companies use it for switchport utilisation
    10/8/2013 11:2662.209.223.226Jiri.CvachovecYes, switchport utilisation is a good use case.
    10/8/2013 11:2667.79.13.15sandipthwack has a mobile website, but no app
    10/8/2013 11:26216.168.115.179Paulalso, constructive thinking - we opened feature requests with technical support on a few occassions and it wasn't until well after a year of being a customer that we even knew of Thwack and how that's the only place a voice will be heard for new features and feedback etc
    10/8/2013 11:2662.209.223.226Jiri.Cvachovecthwack is not the only place
    10/8/2013 11:2667.79.13.41francoisPaulgood to know, will relay to the support team, thanks for that
    10/8/2013 11:2662.105.164.174AshleyCback back
    10/8/2013 11:2762.209.223.226Jiri.Cvachovecany feature request that comes via support is processed
    10/8/2013 11:2762.209.223.226Jiri.Cvachovecthwack is maybe better for visibility -- others can add votes
    10/8/2013 11:2762.105.164.174AshleyCHave I missed anything to do with the NCM?
    10/8/2013 11:2862.209.223.226Jiri.CvachovecHow can i know? :-)
    10/8/2013 11:2867.79.13.41francoisPaulJiri is right, but I agree thatthwack is better for visibility, votes, interacting with the product manager...
    10/8/2013 11:2862.209.223.226Jiri.CvachovecWhat would you like to know about NCM?
    10/8/2013 11:2867.79.13.41francoisPaulAt the end of the day the big benefit of doing it through Thwack is to get teh votes (if created as an Idea)
    10/8/2013 11:29208.29.250.2AprilRieseWith NCM what is the improvements what does the 'delay' command, string <-> number conversion mean?
    10/8/2013 11:29216.168.115.179PaulThank you Jiri and Francois for your responses - appreciate it
    10/8/2013 11:2962.209.223.226Jiri.Cvachovecok, the delay command allows you to pause the execution for a specified time
    10/8/2013 11:3062.209.223.226Jiri.Cvachovecuseful for e.g. firmware upgrades
    10/8/2013 11:3067.79.13.41francoisPaulno worries, this was a great crowd to intreract with
    10/8/2013 11:30132.3.29.78Chrisfture requestts can als be put in with a SolarWinds ticket through the customer portal
    10/8/2013 11:30208.29.250.2AprilRieseperfect, thank you Jiri
    10/8/2013 11:3062.209.223.226Jiri.Cvachovecstring <-> number conversion -- you can perform e.g. arithmetic operations on IP addresses
    10/8/2013 11:3162.105.164.174AshleyChow long until the next Session?
    10/8/2013 11:3167.79.13.15Jbeucler89 minutes
    10/8/2013 11:3167.79.13.15Jbeucler1pm CST
    10/8/2013 11:31118.209.52.240StevenScottSadlocha5am ^_^
    10/8/2013 11:3162.105.164.174AshleyCAh oK
    10/8/2013 11:3162.209.223.226Jiri.Cvachoveccustom properties or inventory data may be stored as strings -- you can process them as numbers
    10/8/2013 11:3181.179.20.113RhidiansJiri.Cvachovec7pm GMT
    10/8/2013 11:31216.168.115.179PaulDoes anyone know if it's possible to monitor ESXI under Virtualization in NPM?  I need to spend more time figuring out how to get our ESXI monitored but thought this was a great place to ask
    10/8/2013 11:3262.105.164.174AshleyCim in the UK so that would be 1900
    10/8/2013 11:33192.30.215.5ScottSadlochaPaulPaul, the answer is yes on that one
    10/8/2013 11:3362.209.223.226michal.hrncirikPaulNPM does have basic ESX monitoring functionality. have you simply try to add your node and see "virtualization" tab?
    10/8/2013 11:33216.168.115.179PaulThank you Scott and Michal - I'll have to play around more ... I did add the node but it doesn't show up under Virtualization .. as long as i know the answer is "yes" then I'll dig deeper to figure out why it's not showing up
    10/8/2013 11:36216.168.115.179PaulScott / Michal - it helps if you click "Poll for VM" doesn't it? lol ... think I just found my issue
    10/8/2013 11:37192.30.215.5ScottSadlochaPaulyes
    10/8/2013 11:3774.43.179.4jakecan we set the mac address assignment history?
    10/8/2013 11:3762.209.223.226michal.hrncirikPaulproblem solved
    10/8/2013 11:3762.209.223.226michal.hrncirikjakeyou mean that you would like to see historical reports of IP addresses for a given MAC right>
    10/8/2013 11:3874.43.179.4jakeyes
    10/8/2013 11:3962.209.223.226michal.hrncirikjakethat's currently visible only on web but we don't have report for that. you currently also can't set retention period. Do you want me to open up a feature request for this?
    10/8/2013 11:3974.43.179.4jakeYes please
    10/8/2013 11:4062.209.223.226michal.hrncirikjakeok got it. how long the retention period should be?
    10/8/2013 11:4074.43.179.4jakewe are being alerted on several IP address mac address conflicts that arnt really issues.
    10/8/2013 11:4074.43.179.4jakefor the mac address history? 8 days for us
    10/8/2013 11:4062.209.223.226michal.hrncirikjakeok, clear. I'll put there month as max date for now
    10/8/2013 11:4174.43.179.4jakeOk thanks
    10/8/2013 11:42156.98.4.11MoeIf GUI inefficient in config tab, Is CLI support it?
    10/8/2013 11:4362.209.223.226Jiri.CvachovecMoeI'm not sure I'm getting the question. Could you please add more details?
    10/8/2013 11:46156.98.4.11MoeIf something fail during config,is there other methods you run beside using GUI? like  command tools!!!
    10/8/2013 11:4762.209.223.226Jiri.CvachovecMoeYou can connect to the device directly
    10/8/2013 11:48156.98.4.11MoeThanks
    10/8/2013 12:0167.79.13.15CaraHey Everyone! You can play the daily mission
    10/8/2013 12:0267.79.13.15CaraIf you get answer all of the answers correctly you enter for a chance to win a remote flying drone!!
    10/8/2013 12:0267.79.13.15Caraanswer all of the questions (not answers :))
    10/8/2013 12:0971.64.110.224LeonAdatoCaraand you get 250 points
    10/8/2013 12:0971.64.110.224LeonAdatoCaraEveryone needs to save up for that backpack, right?
    10/8/2013 12:10131.215.240.211Angel13lol
    10/8/2013 12:14192.30.215.5ScottSadlochaPaul250 points, and in the drawing. Cool.
    10/8/2013 12:15192.30.215.5ScottSadlochaDarnit, stuck again.
    10/8/2013 12:1571.64.110.224LeonAdatoAnd you got to meet some of the cook SolarWinds guys without even realizing it.
    10/8/2013 12: I may need that Beanie yet... sponsored hair cut for Children in need in November >_>
    10/8/2013 12:15192.30.215.5ScottSadlochaWatching the videos, it seems like Solarwinds has a nice office building, and a great corporate atmosphere
    10/8/2013 12:1671.64.110.224LeonAdatoI can attest to that.
    10/8/2013 12:1667.79.13.15Carahaha that's right Leon!
    10/8/2013 12:1671.64.110.224LeonAdatoVery nice accoutrements, some nice in-office benefits, very casual, good workflow, nice area.
    10/8/2013 12:1767.79.13.15CaraWe do what we can
    10/8/2013 12:1771.64.110.224LeonAdatoAnd very close to cheap kosher steaks.
    10/8/2013 12:1771.64.110.224LeonAdato:-D
    10/8/2013 12:19118.209.52.240StevenDo we get steaks on the thwack store?
    10/8/2013 12:1967.79.13.15CaraUnfortunately not, I will pass the request on to the powers that be
    10/8/2013 12:2071.64.110.224LeonAdatoshyeah. You'd get 5,000 orthodox Jewish in Cleveland on the forum just for that.
    10/8/2013 12:2071.64.110.224LeonAdato(Now THAT I'd love to see!)
    10/8/2013 12:21118.209.52.240StevenCarathwack store doesn't deliver to Oz land anyway
    10/8/2013 12:2371.64.110.224LeonAdatoIf you live in Oz, you don't need USA steaks anyway.
    10/8/2013 12:2512.163.55.44ThomasIannelliBut you can get great Oz-obuco al Vino there in OZ.
    10/8/2013 12:2567.79.13.15Carahaha @thomaslannelli, I appreciate that pun
    10/8/2013 12:2967.79.13.41francoisLeonAdatoHi Leon, nice to see you
    10/8/2013 12:3067.79.13.15CaraHey everyone! Don't forget to do the daily challenge to enter for a chance to win a remote flying drone with HD camera!!
    10/8/2013 12:31192.30.215.5ScottSadlochaI am going to be on vacation Friday, but I have to figure out if and when I can get connected to get a session in and complete the daily quiz
    10/8/2013 12:3367.79.13.15CaraWell the last mission will not go live until noon!
    10/8/2013 12:36192.30.215.5ScottSadlochaConnectivity will be an issue where I am going, but there is a coffee shop that I can use.
    10/8/2013 12:3671.64.110.224LeonAdatoFor connectivity?
    10/8/2013 12:36192.30.215.5ScottSadlochayes
    10/8/2013 12:3671.64.110.224LeonAdatoThat's gotta be some amazing caffeine!
    10/8/2013 12:3671.64.110.224LeonAdatoI need some of that.
    10/8/2013 12:36192.30.215.5ScottSadlocha[Emotion=emsmile.gif]
    10/8/2013 12:3771.64.110.224LeonAdato(Leon's wife: "No. No you don't.")
    10/8/2013 12:4062.105.164.174AshleyCLeonAdatorofl
    10/8/2013 12:482.27.145.98RhidianSLeonAdatoIs this chat a variation of CuteChat?
    10/8/2013 12:482.27.145.98RhidianSLeonAdatoAnd how do I stop referencing people?
    10/8/2013 12:4867.79.13.15Carait is CuteChat!
    10/8/2013 12:4867.79.13.15Caraon the right panel where attendees are listed, right click in the white
    10/8/2013 12:4967.79.13.15Caraand select to all
    10/8/2013 12:492.27.145.98RhidianSAhh fantastic Cheers Cara!
    10/8/2013 12:56206.181.226.34KMSigmaCountdown! :-)
    10/8/2013 12:5667.79.13.15ReneDon't forget to turn on your audio!
    10/8/2013 12:5667.79.13.15CaraHey everyone, if you need any guidance on how to use the chat window, you can find more information here!
    10/8/2013 12:57204.64.42.24Brianlol
    10/8/2013 12:5767.79.13.15Cara3 minutes!!!
    10/8/2013 12:5863.226.32.16ecklerwr1here we go again...
    10/8/2013 12:58140.142.107.178RichardLettsLeeeeeeeeeeerooooy Jenkinnnnns!
    10/8/2013 12:58199.230.203.254SteveBHeh!
    10/8/2013 12:5866.112.206.6Chiphaven't heard that one in a while
    10/8/2013 12:58208.125.147.85kbottAt least I ain't chicken!
    10/8/2013 12:5870.114.235.237AndrewJhaha