Version 4

    If you're looking for a way to monitor Citrix Licenses in your environment, look no further! This powershell script will query the Citrix WMI space and obtain the total licenses (of a type you specify), how many are in use, and then output those values as well as licenses left available and percentage so you can set up an alert as well as trend how many licenses are used over time. You'll need to run a powershell script to query all license types so you'll know what to enter, but I've added that in the "remarks" so you have everything you need. In my environment, it's already paid off where we can see how many more licenses we needed to avoid running out as our company grew.



    (Step1): In the template script details, copy the script in the remarks to a notepad file and save it as a file with .ps1 extension on the license server


    (Step2): On the license server, open the powershell command window and run the script as: "script.ps1 <licenseservername>"

       - NOTE: If you've never run powershell before on the server, you'll need to allow scripts to be run! Read this link for details... Running Windows PowerShell Scripts


    (Step 3): In the results, look to see which "Product" you have licenses listed on. In my case, I had "MPS_ENT_CCU" licenses (see picture)

    First script - What license type to chose.jpg

    (Step 4): In the template, put in the script arguments of your license server (FQDN is not needed unless the server is located in a different domain than your orion server) and the license type you're monitoring

       - eg: xenlicenseserver01,MPS_ENT_CCU  (no spaces between the arguments)


    (Step 5): Alter the thresholds as you see fit. You can do it by any of the values it monitors. Test it and it should return values. Then assign it to your node and voila!

    Test results.jpg


    Monitor in use.jpg