Version 4

    Adding Live Weather to the "Worldwide Map" Resource


    Summary: This will allow you to add live weather to the worldwide map based on the OpenWeatherMap project (free).

    Limitations: The map must be on a page where your can insert HTML/JavaScript. This will probably break during future releases.

    Notes: If you want to change the height of your map you must do it within the HTML resource.




    Step 1: Get the id of your map element, to do this go to a page where you've inserted the map (don't go to the map page itself). Once there view the source of the page (Ctrl + U in most browsers) and search for the map element (Ctrl + F), search for 'id="worldmap' (without the single quotes but with the double quote). Make note of your map ID, in this case 753.


    Step 2: Add a HTML resource to the page with the map on it that you would like to modify. To do this go to "Customize Page" >>> "Add Resource To Column X" >>> "Custom HTML".

    Step 3: Paste the contents of the attached file into the Custom HTML resource you just added to the page. Make sure you update the file with your map ID you found in step 1 and change others settings you would like to.