Version 3

    Collection of 2 pollers and 2 transforms for tracking inline (PoE) max wattage, currently used wattage, and available wattage.

    The pollers retrieve values for cefcFRUTotalInlineCurrent and cefcFRUDrawnInlineCurrent.  The data is in centi-amps.

    The transforms are Cat4500ChassisTotalPOE and Cat4500ChassisRemainingPOE.  The first transform converts cefcFRUTotalInlineCurrent from centiamps to Watts.  The second takes the difference of cefcFRUTotalInlineCurrent and cefcFRUDrawnInlineCurrent and transforms the result from centiamps to Watts.

    The centiamp to watt conversions assume 50 volt supply.


    These have been tested and confirmed to work on Catalyst 4506, 4507R, 4507R-E, and 4507R+E.


    Testing on Catalyst 3700 and 6500 showed the OIDs to be not supported on those platforms.