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    Hi all,


    Here is what you will achieve after following the below steps:





    First of all - massive credit to  hcy01uk for sharing PowerShell script and giving me some ideas here: VMWARE DATASTORE REPORTS with PowerShell




    1. First, follow steps to setup VMWare Datastore reporting as per above link (VMWARE DATASTORE REPORTS with PowerShell)

    2. Read my reply to the same post and update scripts to fit for monitoring purpose (download ready-made scripts attached - PS1 to run as scheduled task and SQL to create/alter Stored Procedure, which you will normally use just once at the beginning)

    3. Once you have your table populating correctly every 5 minutes by the script with latest data from VMWare - setup the following Application + SQL Server User Experience Monitor for each Datastore that you have



    SQL Query to use in the above template:



      [FreeSpaceGB] AS 'Statistic: ',

      CAST([FreeSpaceGB] AS VARCHAR(MAX)) + ' GB (' + CAST([FreeSpacePercentage] AS VARCHAR(MAX)) + '%) free out of total ' + CAST([CapacityGB] AS VARCHAR(MAX)) + ' GB' AS 'Message: '

    FROM [YourDatabaseHere].[dbo].[VIM_DatastoreInfo]


        DATEDIFF(MINUTE, [DateTimeStamp], GETDATE()) < 60 AND -- Check to make sure storage data info is current. Maximum 1 hour delay allowed

        [DatastoreName] = 'Your-Datastore-Name-Here'


    4. Assign this application to your SolarWinds SQL Server




    Any questions - please post below


    Took me a few hours to setup and it worth a million now. 


    Thank You,





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