Version 4

    I was asked to compile a brief outline for this solution by the Solar Winds support guys in the EU. This is a first draft and hopefully I'll have a better version out, with a little more detail and some screenshots, available soon.

    Elsewhere in the Thwack Community there are discussions and documents outlining how to get Solar Winds configured to interrogate Barracuda Spam & Firewall appliances, models 400 and up (both physical and virtual). Models 100, 200 and 300 don't license for a working SNMP manager.

    These articles and discussions relate to using MIBs in the Enterprise range . range. These MIBs work but only capture four basic metrics:- BounceMailQueue, InBoxQueue, OutMailQueue and RAIDStatus. This is limiting if you're looking to gather more meaningful information.

    We wanted to match the data displayed on the Barracuda Spam & Firewall portal's dashboard, i.e. the MIBs Barracuda publish under the Enterprise range

    These are documented under the following URL Barracuda Spam & Virus Firewall - How to Use SNMP Monitoring and as can be seen, cover a large range of metrics.

    You will find that creating a Universal Device Poller entry for these . through . MIBs, as published by Barracuda, all fail.

    We discovered that an "snmpget" from a Linux workstation works fine (one MIB entry at a time) while a "snmpbulkwalk" from the same workstation, fails. This symptom is seen by the Solar Winds server tools too. A snmpwalk will find all the MIBs on the Barracuda appliance EXCEPT the range. Yet an snmpget works.

    The trick lies in the way the MIB manager works on the Barracuda Spam & Filter appliance. The calling systems needs to format the request in a certain way.

    When creating the Universal Device Poller entry for each Barracuda MIB, you need to ensure that the "MIB Value Type" is changed to "Raw Value" with sub-field set to "enumeration" and that the "SNMP Get Type" is set to "Get", i.e. non-default field options. Any other combination and the Barracuda fails to reply. With this method you can interrogate all 60 MIBs.

    Let me know where I can elaborate and I'll build up on this document.

    The Attached shows the working MIBs for one of my SpamCop VM appliances.