Version 4

    This template assesses the status and performance of a CUPS service installed on a Linux/Unix system. Perl scripts are used for retrieving performance data.


    Prerequisites: SSH and Perl installed on the target server. SNMP installed on the target server and permission to monitor clamd processes.

    Credentials: Root credentials on the target server.

    Monitored Components:

    Process: clamd

    This monitor returns the CPU and memory usage of clamd process.


    TCP Port: clamd

    This component monitor tests the ability of a ClamAV service to accept incoming sessions. It monitors TCP port 3310.

    Note: By default, this monitor is disabled.


    Antivirus Database Status

    This monitor compares local antivirus database file (daily.cvd) version to the version advertised from the ClamAV site.

    Note: This script requires Net::DNS perl module. You can install this module by running the following command on ClamAV server:

    perl -MCPAN -e 'install Net::DNS '

    Note: Before using this monitor you should provide full path to clamd command. For example:


    Portions of this document are based on the following information:

    Last updated 12/9/2014