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    This is my first post   OK, straight to the point:


    Attached template is based on VBScript and will check status of all services on the Windows based machines. If those services which set to automatic are not running script will increase "Statistic" counter. I have set threshold to CRITICAL = "1", as there is no real reason why AUTOMATIC service should not be running (there are some exceptions of course). The template will also report back names (Service Display Name) of those services which are set to automatic and not running. This is handled by "Massage" variable and will be visible in SAM, so, you can see in SolarWinds SAM all you need straight away.


    You can also define exceptions. Well, this can be improved to make it bit more easier to manage. At the moment you will need to modify VBScript itself. Just open it and you will see straight away the line of code which you need to copy-pase. Add additional exception if you need to.


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