Version 1

    So this is a specially designed template we wrote to help us identify an issue and reach resolution.  In this case it just so happens to be a SolarWinds service that is the problem.  I've been working with support on this particular thread  Potential Memory Leak in SW Info Svc v3? What we did was write a special script to not only monitor the issue but to help us potentially solve it. 


    This monitor is doing three things

    Checking the memory in use by the Service

    If the memory is greater than 1GB then we kick off a process dump (sysinternals utility) to provide support with some debugging information. 

    Also in our case we see the service fail sometime after the 1GB mark so we are stopping and restarting the service.


    I can't state enough that this is designed to be a troubleshooting tool and not your standard monitor.  We have done something like this in the past to help teams identify issues.  Allowing us to immediately grab a procdump for support without someone having to log in and remediating the issue as quickly as possible.