Version 3

    I have spent time with multiple customers who are looking to create custom groups, maybe in a situations such as school districts or hospital systems, and would like to have individual maps for each Group Details Page.  When adding a MAP resource to that page, it tends to use the same map across all Group Details pages…   You can get around this with the following procedure. 



    • Open any Group Details page and then click Customize Page



    • Add a Map object



    • Launch the Network Atlas Tool  (Start > All Programs > SolarWinds Orion > Alerting, Reporting, and Mapping > Orion Network Atlas


    • Create designated map with the exact same name as the Group you created in the previous step.  ** Any easy way to accomplish this would be to utilize custom properties. Custom Properties is one of the most handy features in Orion and can be used in all areas of the console to filter data based on the custom tags you assign to Nodes, Interface, Volumes, and more…

    A video on Custom Properties as well as Utilizing the Network Atlas tool can be found in the NPM Training Series:


    Custom Properties (Video #5) and Network Atlas (Video #10) - This is also a handy guide to utilizing some advanced features with the Network Atlas tool such as variable labels…


    • Back to the Group Details page where you want to add a custom map - Edit the Map object



    • Edit the Title and Subtitle if you wish.  Then in the Map Name Format Dropdown list, select ${Name} (*Not Group ${Name})



    • Again, ensure your map's name is the same as the group name you previously created - The map will now be selected based on group name and dynamically update



    ***This will allow you to have specified maps for the individual Group Details Pages.