Netflow config for 2821

Version 1

    The following is the template I use for configuring Netflow on the Cisco 2821.


    //Create the Flow Exporter - This example uses Netflow v9.  Output-features and export-protocol are REQUIRED for sending Netflow over an IPSEC VPN

    flow exporter EXPORT
    description Netflow Exporter
    transport udp 2055
    export-protocol netflow-v9
    template data timeout 60

    //Create the Flow Monitor - This example uses the default Netflow records
    flow monitor MONITOR
    description Netflow Monitor
    record netflow-original
    export EXPORT
    cache timeout active 120


    //For interface to be monitored, enter the follow

    ip flow monitor MONITOR input


    (For example,

         int gi 0/1

              ip flow monitor MONITOR input

         int fa 0/2

              ip flow monitor MONITOR input)



    This template has worked flawlessly for months.  I hope it helps!!