Cisco 6500 series flow applied to vlan

Version 1

    The timeout active statement (assuming I remember correctly, helps to level out the spikes/peaks by reporting every minute vs. 5 or whatever is default.  I've also tweaked the cache entries for our environment.  to look that up to see what your environment can handle.

    I also stopped doing ingress and egress as it was just too much data and [duplicated really...] already have the info in reverse.


    ip flow-cache timeout active 1

    ip flow-export source Loopback0

    ip flow-export version 9

    ip flow-export destination a.b.c.d 2055

    ip flow-aggregation cache protocol-port

    cache entries 2046

    cache timeout inactive 200

    cache timeout active 45

    export destination a.b.c.d 2055



    int vlan 88

    ip flow in


    int vlan nn

    ip flow in