Version 2

    flow record IPV4-FLOW-RECORD

    match ipv4 tos

    match ipv4 protocol

    match ipv4 source address

    match ipv4 destination address

    match transport source-port

    match transport destination-port

    match interface input

    collect interface output

    collect counter bytes long

    collect counter packets long



    flow exporter IPV4-FLOW-EXPORTER

    destination X.X.X.X

    source <interface>

    transport udp 2055



    flow monitor IPV4-FLOW-MONITOR

    description Used for Monitoring IPv4 Traffic

    record IPV4-FLOW-RECORD

    exporter IPV4-FLOW-EXPORTER


    If adding to SVI's, you actually have to put this in a "vlan configuration"


    vlan configuration <vlan#>

      ip flow monitor IPV4-FLOW input