Version 2

    Hi All,


    I was going a bit crazy writing scripts for NCM without syntax highlighting, so I made a highlighting file for Notepad++ (my editor of choice).


    This will highlight all of the operators, keywords, and SWIS entities that I could find by combing the documentation.  To get an idea what it looks like, here is a screenshot:





    This may be incomplete!  It works well on the scripts that I have tested, but to be honest the documentation for the script language is a maze of twisty passages, all alike.


    If you have any feedback, corrections, or additions, please post them and I will update it.


    To install and use the file in NP++, follow these steps:


    1. Download the sw-ncm.xml file
    2. In NP++, go to Language->Define your Language
    3. Click Import... and select the sw-ncm.xml file



    And that's it.  I hope someone finds this useful.  If it is popular, I will upload the autocompletion definition I am working on that will automatically search for SWIS entries while you are writing a script.