Version 1

    This template will test AD replication via PowerShell.  It basically pulls "repadmin/replsum/bydest data from the domain controllers".  If no replication errors are detected a statistic = 0 will be returned or condition = GREEN.  If replication errors are detected a statistic = 1 will result Meaning Condition = critical or RED.  This monitor can be executed on any machine in the target domain with an account that can execute PoSh scripts on the local machine.  This was how I first deployed the monitor as I had the monitor assigned to one of my polling engines.  The monitor can also be set up to run on a remote system (my current deployment) using WinRM.  Running remotely will require the Solarwinds service account to rights on the remote system, in the event the remote system is a Domain Controller Domain Admin privileges will be required. Running on a remote system is ideal for environments with multiple domains.