Version 2

    We have managed to combine the Old Google maps and new World Map resource to use a single data set. this means we can use both maps depending on each users preference.


    The following SQL can be used to populate the new WorldMaps resource from an existing installation of the google maps plugin.


    insert into WorldMapPoints

    select 'Orion.Nodes', nodeid, latitude, longitude

    from nodes;


    You must first ensure that every node has a long and lat, as the google map only needs this setting once per City

    You can then alter the SQL of the Google Maps Plugin to look at the same data table so you can run both maps side by side



    WHEN Status=2 THEN 5

    WHEN Status=3 THEN 4

    WHEN Status=12 THEN 3

    WHEN Status=1 THEN 2

    WHEN Status=9 THEN 1

    WHEN Status=0 THEN 0

    ELSE Status END AS Rank, NodeID,StatusLED,City,Caption, WorldMapPoints.Latitude, WorldMapPoints.Longitude

    from Nodes

    INNER JOIN WorldMapPoints ON Nodes.Nodeid = WorldMapPoints.InstanceID

    where WorldMapPoints.Latitude IS NOT NULL AND WorldMapPoints.Longitude IS NOT NULL


    order by Rank asc, city asc


    Having Changed the sql in the GoogleMap.aspx and GoogleMapSiteMap.aspx you can then delete the logitude and latitude custom properties and manage the location of nodes for both maps using the GUI for new World Map resource