Exchange 2007 - 2010 ESE Database Size-Whitespace Monitor

Version 1

    This template tracks statistics of Whitespace within Exchange databases of Exchange 2007-2010 servers with the Mailbox role. Note: This template uses the Windows Script monitor (with a vbscript) to create and execute PowerShell scripts dynamically due to a problem of running PowerShell scripts in 64bit mode. See the following KB article for details: Prerequisites PowerShell 2.0 and Exchange Management Tools 2007 or 2010 installed on the Orion APM server For Windows 2003 x64, the following Microsoft Hotfix must also be installed: The Exchange server must have an Exchange Mailbox role. The Orion APM server and the Exchange server should be in the same domain. Credentials The credential must be an Exchange Administrator account with at least read-only permissions. Within the script replace all instances of "database_ID" with the name of your database.