Version 3

    Version 3:

    - changed custom property "hname" in nodes table to "caption" for general consumption.

    - updated hyperlink bit at bottom for cosmetics.

    Version 2:

    This is for my ops center who wanted customized alerts page.

    report calls stored procedure b/c of case statements.

    just use view w/ report resource pointing to this report.


    had to use case statements to get node name/caption to show up for different alerts and join matches on different tables based on type of alert.

    Same for NodeID so I could hyperlink caption/name.


    got rid of case statements and used an insert for alerts, then update statements for many of the different "object types".

    -- Update Notes:8/28/2013 - Added top part of object types below

        /*  all distinct object types by

            query: select distinct(ObjectType) from AlertDefinitions




        APM: Hardware Sensor

        IP SLA QoS

        APM: Component

        APM: Application

        Custom Node Poller


        Step Request




    Not done yet:::

        Auditing Events

        IPAM Networks


        Moved MAC

        Multicast routing

        NTA: CBQoS Class Map

        Polling Engines

        Rogue DNSName

        Rogue IPAddress

        Rogue MACAddress

        Routing Neighbors

        UDT: MACAddress

        VoIP CallManager

        VoIP Infrastructure

        VoIP Phone

        VoIP Region

        Watch List

        Wireless Access Point

        Wireless Controller


    below is pic of view created for these reports.  here is the bit for the hyperlink part:

    <b style='color:red'>NON Ackd</b><a href="/orion/netperfmon/alerts.aspx"> - Click to Ack Alerts </a>