Version 2

    This report will list all applications which are not in UP Status and show the alert time and acknowledge status.



    • Works for advanced alerts only
    • If no alert information displayed it means no alert has been set-up for that application
    • AlertAckStatus column show the alert acknowledge status, 0 = not acknowledged yet, 1 = yes, acknowledged.  It is click-able to view/set acknowledgement.
    • You may see duplicated alerts with different alert definition ID, it means more than one alert was set-up for same applications, you can use WHERE clause to filter out the unnecessary information.


    The advanced SQL query is:



    Nodes.NodeID AS NodeID,

    Nodes.Caption AS NodeName,

    Nodes.IP_Address AS NodeIP,

    APM_CurrentStatusOfApplication.ApplicationName AS AppName,

    APM_CurrentStatusOfApplication.ApplicationAvailability AS AppStatus,

    AlertStatus.TriggerTimeStamp AS AlertTime,

    AlertStatus.AlertDefID AS AlertDefID,

    AlertStatus.Acknowledged AS AlertAckStatus


    Nodes INNER JOIN APM_CurrentStatusOfApplication ON (Nodes.NodeID = APM_CurrentStatusOfApplication.NodeID)

    LEFT JOIN AlertStatus ON (CONVERT(varchar, APM_CurrentStatusOfApplication.ApplicationID) = AlertStatus.ActiveObject )

    WHERE  APM_CurrentStatusOfApplication.ApplicationAvailability <> 'Up'

    ORDER BY AppStatus ASC, NodeName ASC



    AlertAckStatus column URL:  /Orion/NetPerfMon/Alerts.aspx?NetObject=N:${NodeID}&AlertID=${AlertDefID}


    Also you can build similar report to show down nodes with triggered time. Please see this post: