Version 2

    The copy/paste method certainly works, but having a lot more control over how the icon looks, it's status indicators, and how they are organized within the network atlas icon menu really helps make Network Atlas a sexier presentation tool.

    First, create the icons. I built mine in Photoshop, and saved them as .gif. At the very least, you will need one iconName.gif, but providing iconName-Status.gif for each status allows you to create custom status indicators. If you leave this part out, you'll get the generic status flags instead.

    Next, create a folder in the two directories listed below under File Locations, and paste your gif's into both directories.

    Status options are (credit to Roger on this list from a previous thread):

    Icon with no status:  iconName.gif

    Icon Up: iconName-Up.gif

    Warning: iconName-Warning.gif

    Down: iconName-Down.gif

    Uknown: iconName-Unknown.gif

    External: iconName-External.gif

    Unreachable: iconName-Unreachable.gif

    Unplugged: iconName-Unplugged.gif


    File Locations:

    In Orion 10.5, the files need to go in:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\Orion\Network Atlas\Maps\NetObjects\[FOLDER]

    C:\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\Orion\Network Atlas\MapsWeb\NetObjects\[FOLDER]


    Once the files are in place, you will be able to browse your [FOLDER] in Network Atlas when choosing a custom graphic, and they will be visible in the web console on your maps.


    I'm using .gif files for this process, but I believe .wmf files will also work.



    Andrew LaGrone