Version 1

    Of course you want to get SolarWinds into your company (this *is* the Thwack user forum, after all!) but you probably have pesky managers asking for annoying things like a "business justification" and "comparison to other tools in the industry".


    This spreadsheet is designed to help you with all that.


    It takes the topics and elements found in the Feature-Function matrix (Monitoring Feature-Function Matrix (XLS))  and expands them into an RFP-style format.



    1. Pick your vendors.
    2. Send JUST the "Vendor-copy" tab to each vendor in your comparison list
    3. Gather their replies and copy-paste them into the "Scoring" tab
    4. Assign a weight (0-100 to each of the answers, along with any of your own comments


    Once you are done, you will find the vendor's score at the bottom of each vendor column, plus the "Summary" tab. You can then use that to get an apples-to-apples, side by side comparison of each vendor's responses.


    I would love your feedback on this download, so let me know if this is useful for you.


    - Leon Adato