Cisco Nexus (NX-OS) Upgrade Step2 4 Peer Switch NCM Template

Version 5

    This change template configures the boot statements on the Cisco NX-OS vPC peer switch and reboots it to the new NX-OS.  THIS SHOULD ONLY BE SENT TO THE NEXUS PEER SWITCH!  This should be completed after sending the Cisco NX-OS Upgrade Step1 template to both switches and AFTER successfully upgrading the NX-OS on the vPC primary switch.  After the vPC peer switch is reloaded, you should do a SolarWinds rediscovery and ensure that it is running the new NX-OS.  This template should only be used in a vPC peered switch environment.  If you have a fex connected, it will also upgrade the fex to the new NX-OS aftert the reload.


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