Version 1

    This monitor script shows the total number of strings that match the search criteria.


    This script builds on the excellent work done by Bronx:

    Log Parser (Perl)

    ...And aLTeReGo:

    Log Parser (PowerShell)


    All coding was accomplished by Josh Monnot (a001615)



    It returns all lines that match the search criteria divided by ";".


    SYNTAX:  <drive>:\<dirpath>\<fileame> <searchpattern> <usage> <starting_position>


    <searchpattern> can be straight text (banana), regex ("^(.*)(ERROR)(.*)$"), quoted or not.


    <usage> can be:

       "total" (all lines found from <position> to the end of the file)

       "new" (all lines found since the last reading, in which case <position is ignored)

       "match" (???)


    <starting_position> is the character to start searching from. Only valid when used with "total" or "match"



    • C:\GateESM\applogs.niftyprogram.log ^(.*)(ERROR)(.*)$ total 0
    • \\SERVERABV\D$\temp\applogs.niftyprogram.log ^(.*)(ERROR)(.*)$ total 0
    • \\\applications\oh001\PackingSlips\prod\errored\applogs.niftyprogram.log ^(.*)(ERROR)(.*)$ total 0