Version 3

    I always have to change passwords and SNMPv3 credentials for all devices every 90 days, so I developed this template to make it easier.  All you have to do is enter in the new passwords and the script will generate all of the appropriate commands specific to the device type.  This works on all Cisco IOS and NX-OS devices.  Currently, it will not work on CIsco 61XX/62XX UCS devices.  In a future NCM release, I intend to add Cisco UCS and NetApps to this.  I need a delay, carriage return ability, and/or expected response.  All passwords to all of these devices can be changed at the same time.  If it is not one of these device types, a script will not be generated.  This template can be modified to remove unneeded password variables, changes SNMPv3 authentication/encryption methods, or add addition content.  If the variable is not changing, the current password must be entered in the field, or the string must be removed from this template.  This template will update local emergency user password, enable password, vtp password, vty password, console password, and SNMPv3 credentials using SHA1/AES128 (all can be changed).  It has access list 1 at the end of the SNMP lines.  I am using access list 1 to control SNMP access to my devices.  This can be removed for your use.  This is a very useful template for me.