Version 2

    Disclaimer (which are also included in the readme file of the attached Zip):

    - Backup your Kiwi web access files that I'm replacing in case you need them. (Reinstalling Web Access will also undo my changes)

    - This is community developed content and is not supported by SolarWinds. If you have any issues with the included scripts or modified pages,

         please let me know or comment here.




    1. Remember to backup the files referenced in step 2, kiwiheader.ascx, Settings.aspx, Admin.aspx, and Statistics.aspx


    2. Copy the asp and the html files in the attached zip file to the location of your Kiwi Web access Install\html folder.

         By Default, this is C:\Program Files\SolarWinds\Kiwi Web Access\html


    3. Setup a Rule filtering on Keep-Alives, then create a runscript action for the rule and use the included Script: Script_Generate_WebStatistics.txt.


        Setup a Scheduled Run-Script Action to run the included Script: Script_Generate_WebStatistics.txt


    4. Log into your Kiwi Web Access and marvel at the shiny new "Statistics" Tab which will have statistics up-to-date as often as you have the "Script_Generate_WebStatistics.txt" Script running. I've got mine kicking off every 5 - 10 minutes. At the top of the page, it will tell you the date/time of the last update.


    If you find this helpful, please rate it. Thanks.


    P.S. I know my html is sloppy, I'm not a web developer. In a future version, I'll split on vbCrLf and handle each line individually and clean up the table code a little.