Version 4

    I developed a series of 4 NCM config change templates to use when upgrading a 6500 with 2 supervisor modules.  All templates are named Cisco_6500_IOS_Upgrade_Step1 through Step3. Cisco 6500 IOS Upgrade Step 1 NCM Template  Cisco_6500_IOS_Upgrade_Step2.ncm-template  This template is the fourth of my templates to run.  You should have run the Cisco 6500 IOS Upgrade ShowCommands NCM Template template first.  It will display the variable information that is needed for this template.  This template is used to configure the boot parameters to the new 6500 IOS.  It will also reload the Standby supervisor module.  Perform this step and continue to the text file 6500_Upgrade_additional_steps here:  6500 IOS Upgrade Steps for use with NCM templates.  The final steps should be done manually to ensure the IOS loads correctly.  I did not do a template for these steps, but one can be easily made if you are not worried about ensuring commands are compatible and redundancy states.  If you are OK with that (not recommended), the template would execute the 'redundancy force-switchover' command, press Enter, and then a yes to save a modified configuration.  Then you would have to wait about 20 min and execute it again to get back to the original Active Supervisor module.