Cisco 5508 WLC Backup - IOS 7.4.*.*

Version 2

    I have created the following command script which has assisted me with downloading configs for the Cisco 5508 WLC running IOS Version 7.4.*.*

    This has worked fine on both TFTP and SFTP. To download configs, you just need to ensure that you set "transfer configs using SCP" through the device on NCM.


    If you are using the Solarwinds SCP/SFTP transfer tool, you can add into the script the username and password for heightened security:

    "transfer upload username username${CRLF} transfer upload password password${CRLF}"


    Also, please notice the <command name="DownloadConfigIndirectSCP"> I had to add the SCP to the command name due to debugs i did through the NCM and Orion Web Console.


    I am happy to replicate is requested.


    Please comment on this if it worked fine for you.