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    Alert Central Releases


    Alert Central may be a free product, but we're committed to delivering regular updates and features. Our philosophy is to take your feedback in the form of forum posts and feature requests, combine them with our roadmap and long term product goals, and release updates to you about once every 6 weeks. Sometimes these releases will be the accumulation of features we've been working on for quite a while and sometimes there will be a handful of features and under the hood improvements, but we're always going to try to provide value in each release so that you have a good reason to upgrade. Bug fixes count, so we may plan in some releases that address issues we're seeing in the field while we work on other features as well.




    It's not a roadmap without a disclaimer, right? Here goes: while we are making general statements about our timelines, priorities, and features, these are not commitments to deliver features in a specific order in any exact timeframe. This post only reflects features in Alert Central, any features developed in other SolarWinds family products will be reflected in their roadmaps, what we're working on posts, and releases and their disclaimers apply.


    What We're Working On


    Here's a general guideline of what we're focusing on in the near term:

    • Initial alert subscription/CC options
    • Improving on call calendaring, starting with the addition of recurring entries
    • Including the original alert in the outgoing alert email (optionally)
    • Auto-reply confirmation of actions
    • Notifying the next person on call when they are up next
    • Some fixes to SMS notifications/replies to prevent messages from getting split and creating new alerts


    ...and then....


    Here's a general outline of what we're looking at next:


    • SMS gateway support that doesn't rely on email
    • MAPI email support
    • An alert dashboard
    • Further improving handling of rich text/HTML email based on customer feedback
    • Multiple group notification/escalation/calendaring
    • Paging gateway support that doesn't rely on email
    • Customizable templates, descriptions, and other related customizations
    • Group alert visibility and permissions
    • Official API support for two-way communication
    • Mobile push notifications



    How do I contribute?


    If you think I missed something or have questions, feel free to post here, in the Alert Central forum, or directly in the Alert Central Feature Requests forum, or let us know during Office Hours (Hey, Listen! Alert Central Office Hours Schedule & Transcripts).