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    In this episode, we learn all about the hospital (network) virus that couldn't be diagnosed. Our geeks delve into some puzzling circumstances where a firewall continued to reboot at ever decreasing intervals. Was it a bad box? Or something else?

    Learn what happened and how you can avoid a similar problem in your own infrastructure. Contact for a customized demo, direct trial links, or more information on any of the products or technologies mentioned in this episode.


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    How You Can Avoid This Problem in Your Own Environment

    What was the company missing?  What could they have done better?

    The company already had network monitoring, but perhaps they needed more granularity.  Of course, we recommend SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor for comprehensive coverage.

    Additional Components

    Log and Event Manager - Log & Event Manager Guided Tour

    Systematic and proactive log monitoring would have allowed the hospital to see what was happening sooner. LEM even has a filter that would
    have alerted them to too many AD authentications outside of business hours. Log & Event Manager Free Trial

    SolarWinds Patch Manager

    With Patch Manager, those unpatched machines wouldn’t havebeen vulnerable to the virus. Plus, you could have used Patch to automatically disseminate
    the fix to the entire infrastructure and report on successful and complete deployment. Patch Manager Free Trial


    SolarWinds Netflow Traffic Analyzer

    NTA provides application-aware monitoring, so the hospitalwould have quickly been alerted to the unusual type and volume of network
    traffic. They could have then contained the infection to a subset of workstations. Netflow Traffic Analyzer Free Trial


    SolarWinds User Device Tracker

    When something goes wrong with a device (like a virus!) UDT helps you find compromised machines and disconnect them from your network
    remotely. Don’t spend time in the wiring closet trying to figure out whichmachine you need to disconnect – just click to get that machine off your network
    and quarantined! User Device Tracker Free Trial


    SolarWinds FireWall Security Manager

    Keep your firewalls secure quickly, easily, and automatically. Firewall Security Manager Free Trial