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    Icon will not show
    by ti0101 on
    Wed May 21, 2008 3:56 am


    hi ya
    i am having these issues:

    on a client that i am trialing the software with

    any ideas what is causing it, and how to resolve it?


    Re: Icon will not show

    by ti0101 on
    Wed May 21, 2008 3:57 am


    edit -
    "The MRC Tray Icon was unable to
    communicate with the MRC Client Agent. The Client Agent Service may not be running?
    MRC tray icon process will now exit.


    Re: Icon will not show

    by Marty on
    Thu May 22, 2008 10:46 am


    Hi ti0101,
    This is a normal error if the MRC SysTray icon (DWRCST.EXE) process is unable to communicate with the MRC Client Agent Service (DWRCS.EXE)for any reason. What version of the software application are you using and what version of the client agent service is installed and running on the remote machine?

    What Operating System and Service pack level is each machine (local and remote) running, and how did you install the client agent service, with an MSI package or "on the fly" when you first attempted to connect?

    Thanks for your feedback, it is appreciated.


    Marty Bonvillain
    Support Staff
    DameWare Development, LLC.


    Re: Icon will not show

    by stefstew on
    Fri Oct 17, 2008 9:59 am


    I am getting the exact same error on several of our machines. Our users are great at sending emails when they get errors and this one is very annoying. Operating system WIN XP, Service Pack 2, agent service created "on the fly"....


    Re: Icon will not show

    by astr0wiz on
    Wed Oct 29, 2008 9:36 am

    A.Hello. I have been using the Mini Remote Control app for several years and I just updated to version During a test, I encountered this same problem.

    Now, for my company, this is a HUGE issue. I rely solely on the Mini Remote Control to test and fix remote kiosks (small PCs that run Windows and Java apps). With this problem, I now cannot use the Dameware product, because these kiosks are visible to our customers and a warning popup window at every kiosk would certainly end my tenure at this company. I'd like to stay.

    So here is the vital information:

    1) All the remote machines have an earlier version of the Mini Control Client.

    2) All the remote machines are running Windows XP SP2.

    3) All the remote machines were given the client "on the fly".

    4) The test machine was upgraded to "on the fly" and it shows this problem.I have not tested this on a client after using the MSI. I wasn't sure if the MSI would properly upgrade the
    client app.

    My company is very large and I cannot afford to use the upgrade to connect to a remote kiosk that will be seen by a customer. For this reason, I am going to send an email directly to Dameware support in the hopes that an answer can be provided as quickly as possible.


    Re: Icon will not show

    by bryan on
    Mon Dec 01, 2008 12:36 pm


    This customer had written directly to our Support staff as well, and as it turns out these were Kiosk machines and there were running a Shell Replacement call EZSHELL, which most likely didnot have a "System Tray" like Windows Explorer does.

    They had also upgraded from an older 5.x version of the software, which means they also needed to obtain new licenses that were compatible with version 6.x of the software, and then register their local copy of the software using their new v6.x licenses.

    This is significant because they were currently running in Evaluation Mode which means that all the notification features within the MRC Client Agent Service on the remote machine will be turned on (i.e Notify on Connection dialog, MRC SysTray icon, & MRC SysTray Icon's right-click menu) when they connect, regardless of the Settings within the MRC Client Agent Service on this remote machine. Disabling those notification features is a limitation while the software is running in Evaluation Mode.
    Therefore, since this replacement SHELL did not have a SysTray, but our SysTray icon was trying to be displayed, this caused the error dialog to be displayed.

    The resolution in this case was to register their local copy of the software,then make sure they disabled the MRC SysTray icon within the Client Agent on the remote machine, since there
    was no System Tray in this replacement shell.

    I hope this helps.


    Bryan Brinkman
    Support Engineer
    DameWare Development, LLC.


    Re: Icon will not show

    by bryan on
    Tue Dec 02, 2008 10:53 am


    Another Update:
    Another user wrote to support with the same exact error, and they were also running a Shell replacement product. Their product was called PowerFuse, which also does not have a System Tray.
    Once they hid the MRC System Tray icon by disabling the "Enable SysTray Icon" setting within the Client Agent Service they no longer received this error message.


    Best Regards,

    Bryan Brinkman
    Support Engineer
    DameWare Development, LLC.


    Re: Icon will not show
    by chicken5948 on
    Thu Dec 04, 2008 11:41 am

    I am getting this same message on a client PC. They are running Windows XP SP3, we are using DW version

    I have removed the service from this PC, but the error continues. Any thoughts?

    Re: Icon will not show

    by bryan on
    Thu Dec 04, 2008 2:49 pm

    How did you remove the Service? Manually via the instructions on our website? Via the Mini Remote Control program's interface? Or possibly by some other means outside of our software?

    If the "DameWare Mini Remote Control" Service is truly no longer listed as an installed Service, then see if the following key still exists in the Registry. If this key still exists after the Service has been properly removed, then you can just delete it:
    "DameWare MRC Agent"="C:\\Windows\\system32\\DWRCST.exe"


    Bryan Brinkman
    Support Engineer
    DameWare Development, LLC.


    Re: Icon will not show
    by IMMTHelpdesk on
    Thu May 07, 2009 8:48 pm


    We are using DameWare having since upgraded from a previous version and are getting complaints from clients saying that they too are getting the same error message:

    The MRC Tray Icon was unable to communicate with the MRC Client Agent. The Client Agent Service may not be running?

    MRC Tray Icon process will now exit.
    [Initialize Desktop]

    We have 5 registered copies of this software for each of administrators (of which I am one) and have been installing / upgrading the client service as we have needed to remote to their machines. It appears to only be a problem on machines that are running the new verison of the client serivce.
    I have noticed the following:
    - I have logged onto the services MMC and the MRC service is running correctly.

    - The error message only appears when the users first log onto their machines.

    - The error does not affect any type of usability of Dameware when we are trying to log onto affected machines.

    - We are not using any kind of shell replacement software.

    - Our users are running Mixed XP SP2 & SP3 and Windows Vista 32Bit Business.

    This isnt a large issue for us at the moment as the software still works fine, it is mainly an annoyance for the users, that we need to get resolved.

    Re: Icon will not show

    by TerraMedics on
    Sat Aug 15, 2009 2:44 am


    Did this issue get resolved. It's happening with with on Vista SP2 when logged in as a regular user with admin privileges. The MRC tray icon disapears and transferring files to remote clients does not work unless logged in as the main administrator. This defies the purpose of Vista security. changing the MRC service log in credetnials did not help. Although the icon issue may not be critical, the file transfer issue is definitely a trunoff since the user must log in as administrator to be able to send files to remote clients.



    Re: Icon will not show

    by theviper21 on
    Wed Oct 28, 2009 7:41 am


    I am curious if this has been resolved as well. I have a lot of users that are running XP SP2/SP3 and get the error on startup. We have around 100 licenses for DW MRC and I am running the latest version of the client,
    The only way I have gotten the error to stop on a user's PC is to remove the remote control utility from startup. However, every time I reconnect it gets added back to startup.
    Any further follow up on this from support would be appreciated. Thanks!