Version 1

    Extremely generic Linux SNMP.conf file


    Tested against Red Hat Enterprise Linux & CentOS Linux with Solarwinds NPM


    Am uploading this information in the hope that someone else won't have to go through the 'pain' I had to in order to get this working. All we had to do with this was add our unique community string in on line 42 (commented out in the file for obvious reasons)


    This file covers A LOT & should allow directory/disk stats to be available, CPU, Memory etc etc as you'd normally find when adding a standard Windows server... how you further configure this is up to you & I make absolutely no claims that this will work 'out of the box' for you, however, since placing this is the appropriate location (typically \etc\snmp\"snmpd.conf" without quotes, but you knew that anyway) I've been successful in obtaining the various information I required.


    So, please see the attached file. This is in text format, again, you already know this, but you'll need to rename the extension to .conf in order to get things moving along...


    I suppose I should offer a disclaimer, use this at your own risk, there is no warranty implied or otherwise etc etc


    In short, if it doesn't work for you, sorry, but there is little (if anything) I can do about that, I sincerely hope you have the same success I did using this 'as is'