Version 1

    Hi All,


    I have set one alert condition from BGP neighbor change between my Cisco routers and Service provider.

    Below is the alert conditions


    Trigger Alert when all of the following apply

       OID is equal to

       Numeric Status is not equal to 6

       Trigger Alert when any of the follow apply

          IP Address is equal to XX.XX.XX.XX

          IP Address is equal to XX.XX.XX.XX


    Account to the MIB or the OID ..... if the numerical value is 6 then the bgp session is established.

    So I have set the alert like if the value changes from 6...send me a mail alert.


    Now the issue is I am not getting the alert when the value changes from 6.

    I have verified that the value is changing..but still alert is not triggering.


    Any helpy would be very much helpful

    Thanks in advance.