Version 2

    This is a brief guide that shows how to use the batch processing capabilities of DameWare Remote Support 9.0 in order to install the MRC Client Agent in multiple computers. This should simplify the update process and will save you having to use GPO's to distribute the agent as an MSI package.

    Additionally, the same procedure applies to installing the DRS Client Agent service (required for the RCMD Console, RCMD View, and ShutDown View).


    Remember you must have credentials with the following permissions in the remote machines for this to work:

    - Writing files into the Admin$ share folder

    - Adding Registry Keys remotely

    - Starting the service and placing the designated TCP port in a listening state.


    - Launch DameWare Remote Support

    - Select one of the machines you are going to uninstall the service from and open "Services View"

    WIN7-02 2013-03-13 10.33.28.png

    - At the bottom of this view, a pane appears named "Batch"


    - Drag and drop all the machines you want to uninstall the service from the "Browser" pane into the "Batch" pane


    - Once you add all the machines, highlight them all (click on the first, scroll all the way to the bottom of the list and click on the last one while hold the SHIFT key)


    - To install the MRC Client Agent, click on the green/blue screens icon. This will bring up the batch installation window. Here you can click on "Configure..." to set the client agent settings as you need.

    - Once you are satisfied, click on OK


    - To install the DRS Client Agent Service, you should click on the red/blue screens icons. Since that agent doesn't have any settings, you will just get a warning message. Just click on OK to start the installations


    - The batch processing pane will display the status of the task. Once it's finishes it will display the results for each machine including error information for those that failed/