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    Q.)  Why did SolarWinds stop making LANsurveyor?

    Although LANsurveyor was a useful tool, its underlying architecture made it difficult to update and support – and therefore it wasn’t keeping up with user expectations.  SolarWinds’ Product and Management teams felt that we could build a new and better tool specifically for network topology mapping that would better respond to feedback from users like you.   


    Q.)  Why doesn’t NTM maintain feature-to-feature parity with LANsurveyor

    NTM was designed and built with a deeper focus on its core use-case – network topology mapping.  In this sense it is a more true-to-purpose tool than LANsurveyor was. 

    Q.)  Will NTM give me the same mapping functionality as LANsurveryor?

    Yes and more!  (see chart below)

    Q.)  What are the advantages of using NTM over LANsurveryor?  (see chart)

    • NTM’s user interface is intuitive and easy to use 
    • NTM exports to newer versions of Microsoft Visio & to NPM’s Network Atlas format
    • NTM supports multiple map layouts
    • NTM uses a multi-level polling method for discovery of network devices that is similar to LANsurveyor, but adds the ability to discover devices through SNMP v3 and VMware
    • NTM does not require Responder Clients or other agents to retrieve data from nodes

    NTM vs LS Chart_v4.png

    Q.)  Is NTM priced the same as LANsurveyor?

    No. While all pricing is conditional (location, size of purchase, etc.), NTM will likely be less expensive than LANsurveyor.   LANsurveyor customers who opt to purchase NTM will likely see savings over time.

    Q) Am I required to move to or buy NTM?

    You are under no obligation to purchase NTM. 

    SolarWinds' commitment to ensure your awareness of the discontinuation of LANsurveyor was paired with an option to purchase NTM to enhance your network mapping capabilities. As is often the case, existing SolarWinds customers will benefit from pricing flexibility for new products and launches to ensure we can continue to earn your business.

    Q.)  I don’t want to purchase NTM right now.  Will my LANsurveyor still be supported?

    SolarWinds will continue to support LANsurveyor until your current maintenance expiration date.  Please log in to your SolarWinds customer portal to verify the expiration dates for your LANsurveyor licenses.