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    This is a brief guide that you can use to change the credentials used in Windows to launch DameWare Mini Remote Control. You will want to do this if you are connecting to computers in the network that still don't have the MRC Client Agent installed and need to use a different set of credentials.



    In DameWare Mini Remote Control, when you add a computer in the "Remote Connect" window, you input a set of credentials (or have the option to use the current ones).  Something that some users fail to notice is that these credentials are only to be used during an MRC session. If the MRC client agent is not installed in the client machine, those credentials are not used.

    When DameWare Mini Remote Control connects to a computer and doesn't find the agent it will try to install it. It will then use pass-through authentication in the remote machine which means it will try to use the credentials from the local session where DameWare Mini Remote Controller (the user you are logged in with). If these credential's don't have the necessary permissions on the remote machine the installation of the client agent will fail. So, in order to install the agent, the credentials "passed-through" must have permissions to:

    - Writing files into the Admin$ share folder

    - Adding Registry Keys remotely

    - Starting the service and placing the designated TCP port in a listening state.



    a. Right-click the DMRC shortcut icon and select "Properties"


      WIN7-02 2013-02-22 07.43.10.png


    b. Open the "Shortcut" tab


    WIN7-02 2013-02-22 07.43.44.png


    c.  Add "runas.exe" in the "Target" field using the following syntax:

    %windir%\system32\runas.exe /user:username@domain "C:\Program Files\Solarwinds\DameWare  Mini Remote Control 9.0\DWRCC.exe"


    WIN7-02 2013-02-22 07.48.06.png


    1- "username@domain" should be the user with the necessary permissions to install the agent remotely

    2- "C:Program Files\Solarwinds\DameWare Mini Remote Control 9.0\" should be modified if you installed the software in a different location.


    d. Modify the "Start in" field to: %windir%


      WIN7-02 2013-02-22 07.48.40.png


    e. Click OK