Version 1

    Hi there,


    We are running UDT 2.5.1 and have configured UDT to monitor switch ports and our Domain Controllers.  I should point out that this is a fresh install of UDT, as I was having similar issues with our previous deployment of UDT.


    Out of 500 endpoints it has only resolved two endpoints, for the rest it only has the IP address listed.  I've confirmed that reverse lookup works.


    For one of the endpoints that it has resolved (which happens to be my machine) it has actually got the wrong MAC address for my machine, it seems to have picked up that I SSH'd into a particular switch, rather than providing me with the direct switch port my machine is connected to.


    If I try to do a search in Device Tracker for an IP address that hasn't been resolved it does not find any information.  If I search for an endpoint that has been resolved by IP address it does come back with a result.


    In regards to user logon detection that works great.


    Has anyone else had issues with 2.5.1? Is it possible to turn on debugging?


    Any help would be much appreciated.