Version 1

    I've seen requests for this, but really haven't seen anyone post a solution. This will probably be deprecated by a newer release of SAM, but for those who are on 5.0 - 5.2, this might be useful.


    This solution does NOT require you to have an Application or Component being monitored in SAM to work.


    This does assumes that your views are allocated by device type - e.g. / Windows, Net-SNMP, etc.


    Edit your view - for example "Server Details" view.


    Add resource "Custom HTML", which is found under Miscellaneous. Submit.


    Preview your new or modified view.


    Edit the "Custom HTML" resource.


    Change Title - to whatever you want - e.g. / Open Process Explorer.


    In the body, paste in the following code:


    <a href="#" onclick="return SW.APM.OpenRealTimeProcessWindow(${NodeID});">

      <img alt="" src="/Orion/APM/Images/ProcessMonitor/StopWatch.png"> Real-Time Process Explorer





    This will allow you to open Real Time Process Explorer for any node using the "Server Details" view.


    Repeat for any other custom views associated with servers.