Version 1

    I created this based on the report from RichardLetts Top 25 Errors This Hour report. The "Today" reports just change the timeframe from this hour to today on the field InErrorsThisHour to InErrorsToday. Then I just change the TOP 25 to TOP 10 but you can play with that as you like.


    Here is the special part about this "by node" reports. It will not actually generate a result when you Execute SQL Query in Report Writer as this will generate a "SQL Error: Syntax error or access violation" because of the WHERE statement having the ${NodeID} variable.


    The "by node" report can only be run as it is embedded in a type of Node details view. The "Top 25 Errors Today" is a report which will run NPM wide. I'm not skilled enough at SQL to expand this past the InErrorsToday timeframe, but if anyone can find a way please post or edit the report. That's why I posted it here, I hope that's correct protocol.


    Comments are appreciated.