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    I have been struggling for some time to figure out how to create reports in report scheduler to send csv files.


    There are a couple different things that I tried but I am sharing what worked for me and hopefully it will work for others


    The first step is to make the report you want the report writer.


    When you make the report in report writer, make sure to uncheck the "Group historical data by days" checkbox, otherwise when you try to send the report it will only show by the data by days, instead of minutes or hours.
    If the report is an advanced SQL report, then you will not have to worry about the checkbox because there isn't one.


    So, when you make the report in report scheduler, copy the URL of the report you want to send out, and at then end of the URL put   &dataformat=csv.
    Also on the same page where you put the URL, also make sure that the "Retrieve a printable version of this webpage" is unchecked and then make sure that the "Send Orion Username/ Password in URL" box is checked and then put in your Orion username and password.

    sw report scheduler 1.gif


    In step 3 set the schedule to whatever you want.


    In step 4, check the box that says "Email the Web Page (as PDF)" , you can also try the "Email the Web Page(as HTML) but for me that wasn't working with outlook.

    sw report scheduler 2.gif


    Steps 5,6, and 7 are all pretty self explanitory and once you fill them out and click finish you should be all set.


    If you are having issue's, double check the orion username and password, and also the AD username and password you are using to run the report.


    Hope this helps someone.


    Thank you,