SNMPv2-MIB:Authentication Failure

Version 3

    Notices some customer received from Windows Nodes  .

    Disabling "Send Authentication Trap" in Windows should stop these Traps from the Node.


    Start > Run > Services.msc > Right Click "SNMP Service " Security Tab .

    Uncheck " Send Authentication Trap


    Must Restart SNMP Service to take effect

    snmp Traps.jpg



    - Also you can "Unmanage " the Node in Orion so Orion will stop polling the Node to verify if you still receiving the same Traps

    // I have recently encountered and issue with one of our customer where Orion sending get-request every after 6 hours where Orion sending get request to whole sub net  in return received SNMPv2-MIB:Authentication Failure from the Node.

    We found customer added scheduled "Discovery " in order running every 6 hrs to the whole sub net which was the reason of causing the this as SNMP request was sent out to the nodes with SNMP community string public and failing .