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    Alot of you may know how to do this, However we see this question come up quite alot in support. Thought I would share with the community.


    How to Add a View/Tab for Just WAN nodes.


    Step 1 – Adding a custom property


    How to Create a Custom Property

    1. Open the Custom Property Editor
    2. Add new custom property
    3. Choose a custom property for either a Node, Interface or Volume
    4. Fill in the details for the custom property



    Use the Custom Property Editor to create new custom properties based on your nodes - these can also be created based on interfaces and volumes.

    The Custom Properties will let you define additional information about your devices - Location, Team in control of the devices etc, and can be used in Alerts, Reports and on your web console for grouping your devices.

    You can find a two full video tutorials on the custom property editor here. They have been recorded in an older version of Orion, but the concept and configuration for these remains the same.

    - Creating custom properties

    - Managing custom properties




    Step 2 – Add a new view

    In Web Console click settings > views > add a new view > call this WAN


    view with resources.JPGWAN VIEW.JPG


    STEP3 - Account Limitation Builder

    Next go to the npm server > start > all programs  > solarwinds orion > Grouping and Access Control  > Account Limitation Builder

    Click ADD, name it WAN.

    Limitation builder.JPG

    Once this has been done go back to the web console

    At the bottom, edit the view limitation. You should see you new one here.


    limitation in webconsole.JPG




    Step 4 –Edit the Menu Bar


    Once you have this view set up.


    Edit the menu bar for which user would like to see this tab.


    E.G. in my example below, I have edited the admin account menu bar.

    Finally I Added the WAN view to selected items (called WAN2 here)


    Edit the admin menu to show this new view.JPG


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