Version 3

    Hi everyone,


    I've uploaded a customised report my colleague and I created with the help of a template Donald_Francis submitted.


    We have set it so that every time we do an audit on our network, the report picks up the following attributes form the SQL Server: [Region]-[Country]-[Site]-[Node-IP Address]-[Model-OS Image]-[Software Revision]-[Serial Number]-[Comments].


    To add the attached file to you NCM reports do the following:

    1. download the file
    2. copy past it in the Solarwinds directory: [C:\Program Files\Solarwinds\Orion\NCM\Reports]
    3. Run the "Orion Network Configuration Manager" ~ NCM application and on the top tabs go to 'Reports' - 'View Reports' and look for a Category named "customised" and under that the title "Node Inventory Report".
    4. View it to see whether the reports suits your needs, you can always do basic editing from here.
    5. Once happy you can run the report from either NCM or go to Orion's Webpage and run a report from Configs -> Inventory -> Inventory reports -> look for "Node Inventory Report".


    This should suit most peoples needs.




    For more detailed customisation you will need to edit the file i'v uploaded. You don't really need any SQL experience but better if you do.

    To edit the fields open the file in notepad and make sure what ever you add to "FieldList="Nodes.XxxxxX" you mirror it in the "SelectClause="SELECT Nodes.*[ENTITY_PHYSICAL].[XxxxxX]"


    XxxxX = This can be any field you find in your SQL database. To find these fields go to

    • Database Manager
    • select your databse
    • expand the ConfigMgmt
    • Select Entity_Logical or InventoryQueue (depending where you want to retrieve the info from)
    • when a separate box opens select Columns.
    • There you will find all the fileds for your Network Node.


    Good luck.


    P.S added a pic to show you why we have chosen to create a report the way we did.