Version 2

    NOTE: edited and updated on 2013-03-13 to include new values like % polling rate


    This report will help you assess the overall "load" on your polling engine(s). It assumes and NPM & SAM installation. It will display the following statistics for each of your polling engines.

    • Poller type (primary/additional)
    • Uptime (in hours)
    • Total number of elements
      • node elements
      • interface elements
      • volume elements
    • Total assigned non-element pollers (SAM components and UnDP pollers)
      • SAM Pollers
      • UnDP pollers
    • Problem Items
      • Nodes with problems
      • Interfaces with problems
      • volumes with problems
      • SAM components with problems
      • Failed SNMP
    • % polling completion (as reported by SolarWinds)
    • RAM and CPU utilization
    • NPM % capacity (as reported by Solarwinds)
    • SAM % capacity (as reported by SolarWinds)



    Your polling engines need to be monitored by your SolarWinds installation. You don't need to do anything more than SNMP however to get the statistics involved. If you only have NPM and not SAM, you will need to make modifications to the SQL. Otherwise it should "just work".