Version 2

    Adding Custom View to Orion "  Menu Bar "

    Settings > Manage Views > Select "NPM Summary " > Copy >

    - This will create "Copy of NPM Summary"  / ( Or you can Create "NEW" if required . )

    Select " Copy of NPM Summary"

    Click "Edit"

    Change name of the view " ABC " Click "UPDTATE"


    (If you like to add any Limitation defined ) Please Click "Edit" under View Limitation


    Now click "Preview"  and Copy URL .


    View Link.jpg


    Click “ Done”

    Go to settings >

    Customize Menu Bars "Edit" (Required Bar )


    Click "Add"


    Paste  the URL (you just copied from the preview URL )

    Name the View as required

    Click OK

    Drag and drop the item in to the Selected Items



    Now go back to your Home page. You will have your View



    Click on the View and you will have the New View as we just created .

    Now If you like to add / remove any resources "Click on Customize Page" and add what you required.