Version 1

    Problem Title: The SolarWinds Tool Network Sonar is not properly functioning in terms of discovering our unclass lab network when giving a seed router

    SolarWinds Product: SolarWinds Engineers Toolset ver10.9

    Problem Report Date: 28Aug2012

    Problem Severity Level: Medium

    SolarWinds Trouble-Ticket#379002


    Problem Report and Description: Can SolarWinds Technical SME help us? We, the EMToolset Team and the unclass Lab Team, here at Eagle Alliance are encountering issues and problems with the Network Sonar tool. It failed to perform a network discovering given the seed router, MLX 8 Ulab_Core shown in figure 1. Figure 1 shows our unclass lab network topology. Our unclass lab partner and colleague ensure us that the Foundry device MLX 8 Ulab_Core was snmp enable with a community string of ‘labsnmp’  as instructed via trouble-ticket#372727 from SolarWinds response to question 1d.