Version 9

    Why have 2 Primary Polling Engine Entery in Orion ?

    This will be the case where you have incorrect Dual (OLD ) Primary Engine Entry

    Which can be seen in Orion and Nodes assigned to Old Engine Entry in Database . (Engines Table )

    This could be due to Multiple Reason :-

    1. You have changed the Hostname of Orion Server .

    2. Migrated Orion to another server with New Hostname or IP

    3. Changed IP address of Orion

    4. Fresh installed on a new Orion server using Old Database with new IP Address assigned to Orion server

    You can see the Entry as following where all nodes still associated to OLD Engine 

    Settings > Polling Engines. 


    Incorrect Status .jpg


    How to Correct this

    **** Start From Here ****

    Moving All Bulk Nodes to correct Polling Engine

    Settings> Manage Nodes > Select Filter "No Grouping"

    Select the TOP Check BOX selecting all Nodes .

    Now "Select all Nodes "
    selecting nodes bulk.jpg

    Now click "Edit Properties " Go to Polling Section and Select the Required one to move all selected Nodes to Correct Polling Engine.

    Click "Change Polling Engine "


    Change Polling Engine.jpg



    Select Active Polling Engine


    correrct polling Engine.jpg

    Click Submit .

    Once completed

    Now remove "Unused DOWN polling Engine "


    Go to Settings > Polling Engines >  "Delete Unused polling Engine "

    (You can notice 0 elements assigned to Down Polling Engine )

    Final remove old engine.jpg

    - Now Restart all Orion Services.