Version 2

    This Template can be used with the Backup function(in Network Configuration Manager) to backup the NetApp filer configuration in the SolarWinds Database.  The template has been tested on multiple NetApp OnTapp versions and platforms.  It uses ssh with no enable password.  It will not restore, but it will create a backup to restore from.  This will eleviate the need for multiple backups on the filer itself as NCM will create the backup with a date attached.  I have NCM setup to do nightly backups.  To restore from later NCM backups, you can copy the backup text in NCM from the date you want, and then save it to the filer that u want to restore.  Then restore the configuration from the file and reboot the filer.  The reset command is used to dump the file and then the download config views it and writes it to the Orion database.  I will add more functionality to this as I develop it.  Restore is next on the list.