SNMP Test Failed While Adding Nodes

    Most of time i have seen user done everything on the Node to configured SNMP and still have the "TEST FAILED " in Orion

    How to verify and Isolate the issue for SNMP (Communication ) Using SNMP Test Orion With Wireshark

    - You will need to install Wireshark on Orion Server . Wireshark · Download

    - Start capturing data with required filter according to your Node IP.

    - Verify you are able to ping the Node from Orion Server.  ( Some Firewall required to enable (ICMP / SNMP ) on Interface level even you have configured SNMP still Required to Allow on Interface level. (Below is an example )

    - Checked the Windows Firewall on the Servers on Orion and Target Windows box )

    interface snmp.jpg


    ip.addr == && udp.port == 161  (Click Apply ) (Please Change the IP address according to your Node )

    Now go to Orion page and try to add the Node

    Now you have the Test Failed .

    SNMP1 Test failed.jpg

    Check the Wireshark and Verify the (response from the Node )

    Orion Sents 3 Requested and if there is no response received from the Node you will have that Test Failed.

    This confirmed that Orion has not received any response back from the Node and "Result"  is TRUE as Failure .


    No rquest .jpg

    What is required to have that Test passed . (See below )

    Test passed.jpg

    Orion Sent get-request in order to determine the SNMP connectivity which responded by the Node with valid Information .

    Test passed value requested.jpg


    As you can see in Response packet  Value should be returned in packet .

    Please note this should not be NULL  if there no value Returned in packet the Test Will  Fail

    value returned .jpg


    Now after that if you are not able to discover the interfaces while (List Resources ) please see following post


    Any Question please feel free to add.