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    Ideation Process & FAQ

    For years, feature requests submitted by our customers have played a major role in helping us create great products.  We have now implemented an ideation platform that makes your feature request process simpler, cleaner, and more effective.


    So, how does ideation differ from feature requests?

    Very simply put, not much. The terminology has changed. Creating an idea is still the equivalent of a feature request.  However, there are several advantages to ideation in that it provides a platform for you and other customers to work together, cast votes individually, and help the Product Managers prioritize what will add the most value to your environment.


    How can I submit an idea?

    There are two ways to submit an idea.  Although, we highly suggest going with option #1.

    1. Create an idea on thwack.  The advantage of creating an idea on thwack is that your idea can gain backing from the community.  You can also watch the progress of your idea as it moves from stage to stage.
    2. Call support and have them log your idea for a product in our bug tracking system.


    What do I need to include in my idea?

    The best ideas focus on a business need or problem to solve, rather than a specific implementation.  Though, if you see a specific gap to fill, we sure want to hear it. Please include an explanation of the positive impact your requested feature would have in your environment.


    Who can view ideas?

    Anyone can view the ideas on thwack.


    Who can vote on ideas?

    Only registered users on thwack can vote on ideas.


    Who reviews these ideas and when?

    All ideas are reviewed by the SolarWinds Product Managers on, at least, a weekly basis.  They will then assign the idea a stage, other than Recent, in which it will live.  Ideas are prioritized based on input through many channels, including votes by the community.  Please be aware some ideas may not align with the strategy behind the product, so the idea may be moved or the stage may reflect this.


    What will happen to the feature requests I’ve already submitted?

    They are logged internally and are still viewable on thwack.  However, in order for your feature request to be voted on, you will need to create an idea.  In this case, please copy your request into an idea and link to your original feature request post.


    Where can I see a list of ideas open for voting?

    Navigate to a feature request space (SAM Feature Requests, for example) > Content > Ideas


    Where can I ask more questions about this whole “ideation” thing?

    You can ask questions to your heart’s content in this space.  Just place a comment below!