Version 4

    This template will work on Cisco WLCs as well as Cisco WISMs.


    First thing we will want to do is extend the SSH/telnet timeout:


    For NCM 7.1 and later

    • Go to the Web Console
    • Settings>NCM settings>Network>Protocol settings
    • Under the Telnet/SSH settings for the TELNET/SSH Prompt Timeout, change from 15 seconds to 120 Seconds.

    If on an earlier version

    • Go to the NCM application, not the web console
    • File>Settings>Network>Telnet SSH settings
    • Move the slider from 15 seconds to 120 seconds


    Take the attached template and put it in the following location;


    For NCM 6.1 or before

    \Program Files\Solarwinds\Configuratuion Management\Device Types


    For NCM 7.0 through NCM 7.3.x:

    It can be either:

    1)  \Program Files\Solarwinds\Configuratuion Management\Device Types   if you perfromed an upgrade from NCM 6.1


    2)  \Program Files\Solarwinds\Orion\NCM\Device Types if NCM 7 is a clean install.  In some instances, even if was an upgrade the path could have changed.


    For NCM 7.4- 7.6.x

    Take the file and place on any machine accessing the web console:

    Go to Settings>NCM settings>Advanced - Device templates

    Click on Import

    Then Browse to the template and submit


    For NCM 7.7

    The same steps as above, except the location of the device templates are at

    Settings>Node&Group Management- Manage Device Templates



    Restart the NCM application (If you are on NCM 7.4 or later, this is not required)


    right click on a WLC or WISM and edit the node

    In the communications section, for the template set it to the Cisco WISM

    Set the Request Configs using SSH or Telnet, however your device is configured

    Set the Transfer Protocol to TFTP


    If you have TFTP open on the network and NCM as well as theTFTP server set up, this should work.


    SSH or Telnet will still work, but is not uploadable to the device, but when TFTP is not an option it is a valid option